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Karen Vogt, créatrice de maroquinerie

Founder of her namesake brand, Karen Vogt has an experience of nearly

three decades in the fields of fashion and beauty. 


After having graduated in fashion design and pattern making, she

started her career alongside the Norwegian fashion designer Per

Spook for whom she designed accessories, luggage, scarves,

footwear and jewelry.

Convinced that bags can play a role in women’s empowerment,

she observes the lives and habits of women around her, willing to

converse and share with them in order to co-create accessories that

are modular, multifunctional, smart and easy to wear.  

According to Karen Vogt, bags should contribute to women’s feeling

of freedom and confidence, adapting to their lifestyles and encouraging them to live their lives to the fullest. 

Karen Vogt

Karen Vogt : Sacs - Maroquinere modulable